Thursday, January 20, 2011

Irony of life

Back to the adventures of our fictitious(imaginary in case you din't know the meaning :P) characters Rahul and Neha, saving the world from boredom :P

"Whats that?", asked his Friend(F). Rahul(R) said "Its a wedding card dumbo".
F: "Who's is it?"
R: "Any guesses Einstein?"
F: "Neha' way"
Rahul maintains his silence. His friend decides to ponder further (ever wondered why people love to get to the bottom of the story when its none of their business?)

Rahul: "It was bound to happen wasn't it?"
Friend: "Yeah, but weren't u guys goin out....."
Rahul : "What difference does that moves on man"
Friend: "Who's she marrying anyway?"
Rahul: "I guess its long as she's happy. Why do we care?"
Friend: "I don't know why people get married inbox is filled with some friend's wedding card every other week. But look on the bright side dude"
Rahul: "What bright side?"
Friend: "There's free food! :P"

A moment of laughter fills the room. Rahul wonders, why do people get married anyway, maybe its just what people in their mid 20s do? or maybe they love to dance during their sangeet ceremony :P or the display of money in major hotels around the city during the various functions. Whatever it sure as hell is entertaining :P

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fare Well?

Back to the adventures of our fictitious(imaginary in case you din't know the meaning :P) characters Rahul and Neha, saving the world from boredom :P

Its Saturday night, and yes I am blogging. Anyways, so lets start before Sunday morning blues hit us .

"So, is this the end?" , asked Neha.

"No, its not , I'm just moving to a new city", said Rahul. Apparently he had got a job in a city and he had to move over the weekend.

Neha(N): "But that changes a lot of things."

Rahul(R): "Why does anything have to be different. We live in the age of technology. Yahoo messenger, Facebook, skype, gtalk, phone. We'll be in touch. " (Notice, how i kep orkut out of the list. Orkut has become so outdated, that even our characters refrain from using it

N: "Do u really have to go? Can't u get a job here?"

R: "Its a nice company. You know its for the best. Plus, there is everything at that city. Better roads, less pollution, more greenery (and by greenery we mean parks....stop thinking anything else, perverted minds :P) , everything."

N: "Yeah, there's everything there, but not me."

Both of them fall silent. Sitting there on the park bench. It seemed just like yesterday, that they had met for the first time at this very place. Rahul thought about the tree in the distance, thats the place he had bashed up a guy thinking he was some roadside romeo , but who later turned out to be Neha's brother.

They had their share of fights, they took each other for granted. But things always seemed to sort out in the end. Life was always easy, knowing that the other person was there to solve their problems, be it :

a: Worrying about exams even after they were over. We all do it sometimes

b: Laughing about how they got more marks than expected when they did not study at all...liars, both spend days cramming, but never admit to it.

c: Talking at 2am about some silly incident over the phone. Deciding to sleep on time everyday and sleeping at 4am that day itself :P

d: Talking about how they hate people who waste money on stupid things....while both were at the shopping mall, Rahul shopping for his video games and Neha for her nth pair of shoes. (Yes as you can see, both of them are so responsible)

Rahul : "Yeah, things were perfect, but life has to get different now. It is time to move on, atleast since the park is closing and the security guard doesn't look too happy that we are still here"

Neha: "But whatever it is, its never gonna be the same"

Rahul: "It won't be the same , it'll just get better, trust me. Who else will make fun of you for no reason but me."

Neha: "You are impossible. "

They leave the park, the moonlight sparkles the place, the stars shine, the cool wind blows the leaves. Its a perfect night, a perfect place, but it won't be the same, and as Rahul says "It'll just get better. "

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Luck and destiny

Back to the adventures of our fictitious(imaginary in case you din't know the meaning :P) characters Rahul and Neha, saving the world from boredom :P

Well...the title seems interesting....its about luck and how some people get a lot of advantages with that luck.

"So what is this fight about", asked Neha (N).
"Nothin that major, actually i managed to piss off a friend of mine", said Rahul (R).

Yes we are back to the adventures of Rahul and Neha, my crusaders for justice, entertainment and yes the names are filmy i know :P

Neha(N): "Y what did u do this time around, take another panga?", Giggles Neha.
Rahul(R): turning visibly mad "No smarty, there was this girl who thinks she is the prettiest person on campus, so it annoys me".

N: "Y should it annoy you of all people?"
R: "Coz i know that she's pretty and all, but why does she have to brag about it."

N: "So what did you do Mr Sarcasm?", can't stop giggling
R: "As usual my sarcastic comments pissed her off. But then I had to go and make amends and manofy her."(mano fy isn't a real word, its Mumbai slang for Manana + fy = manofy, a little gyaan never hurt

N: "oho , so Mr Rahul to the rescue of another damsel in distress?", laughed Neha
R: "No, just that i din't want to make a big issue of my comment. But tell me one simple fact, why do people who are lucky enough to get good looks always take advantage of it? Why can't they ever be normal?"

N: "Well, my innocent friend, that is LIFE."
Rahul falls silent.
N: "But that doesn't mean they always succeed with it, and you never hear the average looking ones being called "dumb" do u? so cheer up and i have that treat pending, so lets go."

Curtain falls.

Come to think of it, we all know since the day we were born, that each one of us is different. We are born with different talents, some of us are good looking (yes, some not all, isn't that sad) while some are intelligent.

We always know that the pretty girl gets all the attention as against the average looking girl. But this doesn't mean she always succeeds in life. Luck can surely give you a head start, but thats it. After that its your hard work and perseverance that gets you past the finish line.

Yes, life is unfair, but that just makes it more interesting, doesn't it.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Final Frontier

Hey guys...."The Final Frontier"...title seems nice eh....well its just a thought that i expect to share with you, its a journey of how a boy became a man, of how we mature into a better person. Sounds too serious and boring?....nah.....if u've read my blogs..u'll know its anything but boring....(a little self promotion never hurt anyone :P).

Let me ask you this one question. "What do you want in life?". Money, success, a special someone , family life, fame ....the list is endless. But most of all the one thing that we want in life is happiness. As a wise person has said, "A life lived happily is a life well lived". I used to think that my life is so unhappy. We all feel that we should get more out of life. We all want to be lucky in love, have a nice job, make loads of money and get blessings of elders as well. Ah, ain't that a beautiful picture.....if only we all had such a life.

But recently I realized that my life already has so much happiness in it. If I were to see 1 last movie before I die, it has to be DIL CHAHTA HAI. I've been blessed with so many wonderful friends. My life is always been in the right company with these people. All of them are worth a mention.

My entire MEA batch is so dear to me. As Saif in Dil Chahta hai says "ya toh yeh dosti gehri hai ...ya toh photo 3 D hai :P". I've always been blessed with good friends. When i see these youngsters these days, complaining about their looks, relationship mis haps etc. It just seems to remind me of the my youth . Life was so simple and easy then.

The bird watching walks were unforgettable. "Bird Watching" refers to looking at pretty girls as we walk down the street albeit in a very decent manner. lol.. The picnics, the movie outings, the canteen food....terrible but still nostalgic. :P The exam cramming, the re unions, the long phone calls ...and even longer phone bills :P....

We don't know where we'll be in future....who we'll end up u must've already noticed...slowly and not so steadily all your friends in your orkut list are getting married :P....then kids, family commitments....the list is endless.

But as Akshay Khanna says in DCH "Hum dost the....hain ...aur rahenge"...As you've already noticed by now....I am on a mission to recite all the dialogues from the movie

In short, I just want to say thanks to everyone who has made my life a very happy experience. Cheers to Us.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Long Weekend 'Idle -ization'

Yes..I know there is no word called 'Idle - ization', but yeah it means being in the state of idleness or whatever u want it to be....m just writing what comes to mind :P
Anyways, its the Thanksgiving weekend....(u knw...the tradition in America where people eat a lot of food and shop a lot and get fat...and yeah...they do a lot of thanking as well :p) . Well anyways, this is a long weekend and what better time to write a blog. So on this festive occasion, lets thank the good things in our lives. Now now...m not trying to be a preacher ...but yeah we all could use a bit of thanking...atleast after the hogging that we do each time there is a family get together :P

Back to the adventures of our fictitious(imaginary in case you din't know the meaning :P) characters Rahul and Neha, saving the world from boredom :P

"We all should be thankful", says Rahul(R). Yes geniuses 'R' and 'N' stand for Rahul and Neha
Neha(N): "But why....m so bugged with life...there is no excitement"

R: "Well, what is missing from your life"

N:"I dunno...being away from parents....this stupid weather....all this festive cheer...aargh"

R: "There there.....its not that bad...u must be thankful about someone standing next to you right now :P"

N: "Ohh...u...whats so special....i see u everyday...whats special about that"

R: "Well....don't be so sure...u never knw."

The next day...Rahul invites Neha to a small get together to his place.

N: "Yeah yeah....m almost der....gimme 10 mins i'll be at your house"

R: "I've got a surprise for you"

N: "Ya rite...."

Neha, rings the doorbell. Rahul asks her to close her eyes and takes her to the hall.

N: "Oh c'mon....m not a child....tell me already"

R: "Wait for it....are u ready?"

N: "ya ya....can i open my eyes already?"

R: "Go on"

Neha opens her eyes....and all the people in the room yell out "S U R P R I S E!"

Yes, the spaces were necessary between the letters :P

Anyways, Neha sees the room full of her friends, her parents, a big cake and other yummy dishes...u knw the kind u find at parties :P

N: "Oh my god...I am shocked! Mom , did u get here?"

Mom and Dad: "Rahul invites us ...he took care of the whole party"

N: ""

She goes to the has a note which reads "Happy Birthday! I told u there was a surprise".

N: "Oh man....where is Rahul?"

Mom & Dad: "He left...he had to catch a flight"

.....To be continued

Saturday, October 3, 2009


I just saw the movie "Wake up Sid". For those who have not seen the movie, its about a rich kid who fails in academics, has no goals n basically is jus out there to enjoy life. Its about how he leaves his house, goes thru the hardships, becomes successful and makes some really good friends along the way. I'm sure you must be thinking "Damn it, why did he have to tell the story.....Ive yet to see the movie....."

This got me into thinking made me realize that in our usual life troubles....we are not thankful enough to see the little things that make our life worth living. Well, I need to thank a lotta people. As some wise man has rightly said "The only friends worth having are those who make u feel good about urself"....btw the wise man is me

In our lives we meet so many people.....we make so many friends....but at the end of the day...just take some time and think about your life....think about something fun.....the first people that come to your mind are your real friends. Try it.

I know , i know....u mustve already heard about this....but just keep gets interesting. How often do we thank the people who are there for us? How often do we make them feel special often do we tell them "thanks". Not that many times right.

Everyone has problems in their lives....we all have shit going on...mind the languaage..:P....but seriously think about it.

"You never know what you have, until you lose it" just go and call up your real good friends.....tell them how much you appreciate their being there for you when others had deserted you....tell them how much you enjoy their short....make their works me :P

I know you must be thinking......"this guy is not saying thanks n asking us to do it....."..well here goes....

I would like to take this opportunity to thank.....haha....its not gonna be a boring

Well....ive had many friends....many good ...many in touch ...many who have lost touch....many who I hated first.....many who i hate now kidding. There are a select group of people....who always make me feel good about myself....

Life is it up....

Heres to all my friends who have come into my life and made it worth living....heres to the evenings spent laughing at other's mistakes while realisiing our own.....heres to the reunions and the movie outings......heres to the endless planning for outings ...creating a mess of things...n enjoying it to the fullest......heres to the best times of our lives...Cheers guys!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The same old complaint

hmm.....whats the same old complaint? on to find out. Have you ever wondered why you are still single when all your friends get that special someone into their lives......if the answer is yes, then this is the story for you. If your answer is 'No', read on ....hehe....u're sure to get a few laughs.

Back to the adventures of our fictitious(imaginary in case you din't know the meaning :P) characters Rahul and Neha, saving the world from boredom :P

Our famous & brave trooper Rahul (the favorite character in all my blogs) starts this story with a visit to his favorite non social networking site (aka Facebook / Orkut).....i know all of u guys check it atleast once a day...if not....get yourself checked by a doctor :P...lolz. So one day, Rahul notices that another of his female friends (a good looking one) has changed her status to "committed"...aah...those magic words. They give your Orkut/ facebook page a whole new meaning ...dont u think? :P..Suddenly he finds the display pic of her friend (lets call her Neha..if youve been reading my blogs ...u'd know dese names by now). Neha's display pic has been aptly changed showing her "significant other". Both are smiling.....damn :P "When did this happen and who is this guy, Neha never mentioned his name before" thinks Rahul.

"When did this happen?" Rahul asks Neha when they meet. Neha answers, "We've been good friends for a while ....". Rahul is perplexed....He experiences a mixture of emotions, happy (for his good friend Neha ofcourse :P) confusion, suprised etc

Now starts the introspection phase....I'm sure we all have gone thru don't lie....m sure u'll relate to it. Rahul thinks , "Why am i still single? Have I lost the race to become committed? Am i ugly...why is this happening to me...aaargh! Well I'll just wait for the right time , the right place, the right person. " And so he waits......and waits......has he found someone yet?....NO....hes still waiting :P...lolz

Well, why can't our main lead character find his leading lady?....Is there something wrong with the script?....No...duhh....its just life :P.....Lets analyze. There can be several reasons:
1. Rahul can't talk properly....(Nopes...he does have a decent number of female friends and they do talk....:P)

2. He's not humorous....(False....Rahul does possess a fair amount of sense of humour....and gals do laugh in his company....and sometimes at his silly antics ...lolz)

3. He's not a good listener (False.....he does listen ....and sometimes falls asleep as well :P)

Then why oh why is our lead character still single?.....Well....the answer lies out there...."The truth is out there ....somewhere ....or atleast that is what we hope to believe :P

In the meanwhile enjoy this video....which is reminiscent of what happens when your fan stops working...what?.".NO AIR."...lolz