Thursday, January 20, 2011

Irony of life

Back to the adventures of our fictitious(imaginary in case you din't know the meaning :P) characters Rahul and Neha, saving the world from boredom :P

"Whats that?", asked his Friend(F). Rahul(R) said "Its a wedding card dumbo".
F: "Who's is it?"
R: "Any guesses Einstein?"
F: "Neha' way"
Rahul maintains his silence. His friend decides to ponder further (ever wondered why people love to get to the bottom of the story when its none of their business?)

Rahul: "It was bound to happen wasn't it?"
Friend: "Yeah, but weren't u guys goin out....."
Rahul : "What difference does that moves on man"
Friend: "Who's she marrying anyway?"
Rahul: "I guess its long as she's happy. Why do we care?"
Friend: "I don't know why people get married inbox is filled with some friend's wedding card every other week. But look on the bright side dude"
Rahul: "What bright side?"
Friend: "There's free food! :P"

A moment of laughter fills the room. Rahul wonders, why do people get married anyway, maybe its just what people in their mid 20s do? or maybe they love to dance during their sangeet ceremony :P or the display of money in major hotels around the city during the various functions. Whatever it sure as hell is entertaining :P


vishwesh said...

nice read !! dude, i feel u shud have written a bigger blog on this issue..wat say?

sagar said...

yes man, part 2 to come up soon :P

pooni said...

How was the food?! ;)